Available Shipping Methods and Shipping Time

 Estimated delivery time*TrackingLimitations
EMS9 – 12 daysYes 
E-Express (with USPS Tracking) for US Only2 WeeksYesOne-way shipping, no return. Read more about the important notes of this method
Registered Air Small Packet  (about 25% cheaper than EMS)3-4 Weeks  Yes

Weight under 2kg

Parcel (20% -> 25% cheaper than EMS)3-4 WeeksYesContact us if you want to ship your order with this method
1. The package will be transported by air to a warehouse in the United States. After that, the package will be shipped again by USPS domestic delivery service (you will have USPS tracking code)
2. You will not have to pay import tax on the product
3. Package is non-returnable, this is a one way shipping method, if you don’t want to receive it, we can’t bring your order back to us, and we cannot refund you in this case, so please make sure that you will receive the parcel. (Check your USPS tracking code regularly, and contact your local USPS to proactively receive your package).
For Registered Air Small Packet (under 2kg) and Air Parcel, the post office has not updated the new price list (with additional flight surcharge), so we cannot update it on our system yet. Please rest assured to order and pay, in case the freight rate changes too much, we will contact with you via email (you can request to cancel the order and refund in this case)
All sales are final and returns are not accepted. However, there are some cases in which local postal services may return your parcel to us because of it being unclaimed, failure to pay import fees, etc. If that happens, we will contact you to arrange reshipment. In case a reshipment fee is required and return shipping fee, our shop will be unable to cover it, therefore we will require that the customer pay for it. Please note that items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they are returned to our store. Postage fees for initial delivery are non-refundable. In addition to the waiting time and product condition, there may be damage during transit such as customs inspection, with additional storage and return charges. We will not refund more than 50% of the product value

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