New cheap shipping method to USA

Hi, we have updated a new shipping method with very low shipping cost for our customers in USA, called E-Express (with USPS Tracking). Shipping time is about 2 weeks. and this is a one-way shipping method, no return

There are important notes you need to know before placing an order with this shipping method:

1. The package will be transported by air to a warehouse in the United
States. After that, the package will be shipped again by USPS domestic
delivery service (you will have USPS tracking code)

2. You will not have to pay import tax on the product

3. Package is non-returnable, this is a one way shipping method, your order will be thrown away if you don’t want to receive it, we can’t bring your order back to us, and we cannot refund you in this case. so please make sure that you will receive the parcel.(Check your USPS tracking code regularly, and contact your local USPS to proactively receive your package).

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