2DBeat.com was established in 2017, based in Vietnam offering the hottest,collectible products, toys and action figures and more. We are experienced in serving overseas customer and always striving for providing the best possible service to our valued customers.

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About history

We started with a blog Mikuland.blogspot.com  since 2012 specializing in providing news about anime, manga, game.
In 2013, we started moving to the news website Mikuland.com (This domain name has been acquired by another company) and accompanied a number of Cosplay events as sponsors (in Viet Nam). Along with that, we work as a subteam specializing in free translation of anime, games, all for passion
From 2017, we switched to 2dbeat.com website and stopped the news segment. And start selling anime and manga related products
We are improving more and more to provide more services and utilities for customers in general, and otaku in particular.

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